Satellite/Terrain DMB dual receiver ML-100S(Shark Plus)
Product name Satellite/Terrain DMB dual receiver
Model name ML-100S(Shark Plus)
Maker Medialife
Size 145 x 100 x 30mm/226
Color Grey
Features Satellite DMB suvscription free for three years.
- Provides a safety mode to cut off only the video while driving.
- Rear view monitoring camera interconnected with the rear gear.
- Screen capture and audio background screen.
- Hotkeys for the three major broadcasting stations
- 110 x 90 x 30mm/226g  
- ARM926+DM320
- RF : FCI2401
- BR : TX90A82XBG
- Satellite DMB receiving
- Terrestrial DMB receiving
- Two games(go-stop, blocks)
- Rear view monitoring camera
- Active ant x 2(SDMB) for indoor installation
- Passive ant (TDMB) for outdoor installation
- Hotkey included
- Reset function included in the remote controller lamp receiver
- A/V cable. A/V input cable
- Manual, simple manual